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We believe that Black Lives Matter. We actively seek education and participation in conversations around anti-racism. We celebrate and embrace gender diversity. We are still learning but we are committed to building a just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive business model with both our words and our actions.

We believe that Black Lives Matter. We actively seek education and participation in conversations around anti-racism. We celebrate and embrace gender diversity. We are still learning but we are committed to building a just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive business model with both our words and our actions.

Expert Launch Strategy + Management for

Multidimensional Healers, Illuminated Trailblazers, Systems Breakers, Conscious Quick Starts, Enlightened Leaders, Catalysts for Change, Smashers of the Patriarchy

Calling in coaches who want to go from launching messy or last minute with little (or big!) leaks of time, money, and energy…

to developing structures and systems that streamline your promotions to feel more energized, organized, and be more profitable.

Just reading the word ‘launching’ can send a tremble through most coaches.

But what if it didn’t have to feel that way?
Let me conjure up some images for you. What if…

Instead of:

Following the latest, so-called greatest launch strategy, that you don’t realize doesn’t fit your business model or values until after you’ve already done it…


You craft the strategy that was best for you at the exact stage of business you’re at, taking into account your time, team, and tactics.

Instead of:

Wondering exactly what has to happen when, never quite confident you’re not missing a crucial part of your launch which could be a key to its success…


Have a detailed roadmap (in a system you and your team will actually use) to launching successfully without missing any key ingredients.

Instead of:

Long days + late nights in front of your computer writing copy, building landing pages, answering team emails, or conducting sales calls…


Have an empowered team to support you so you can still take time for your self-care rituals, family, friends, and oh yeah, the rest of the business that you’re still running.

Instead of:

Being stuck in the last-minute launching hamster wheel, burning out not only yourself, but your team…


Have a plan that is forward-looking, but also flexible enough to accommodate inspirational downloads and guidance from spirit.

Instead of:

Dreading decision fatigue, feeling like you’re the one who has to have all the answers, and being the only one your team relies on for direction…


Have expert strategy guidance, a second brain on your launch AND a layer of support to direct your team in successful implementation + execution.

Instead of:

Feeling like you’re throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall every. time. you launch…


Have repeatable processes for tracking what is working and what isn’t so you know where to focus your and your team’s efforts to get the best return.

It was so valuable to have your perspective and knowledge in the backend of launches that I wouldn’t have considered. The systems we put in place is allowing us to flow in our operations and also scale. All your contribution is how I was able to take 5 months off last year. (Can you believe that I did that? Lol. Life….). Love you and thank you.”

Lotus Sky, Musical Channel & Shamanic Practitioner

“I chose to work with Lara because she’s a true leader and she has taken every new launch and project to a new level by matching our team’s execution with my bigger vision.”

Amy Yamada, VIP Day Expert & Business Mentor for Established Coaches

Launch Intensive

A 1:1 live session on Zoom where we can:
– Create your customized launch strategy from scratch… no cookie cutter formulas or methods here
– Workshop on upleveling or optimizing your existing launch strategy
– Focus on one area of your launch that you want to dial in to maximize your efforts and get the greatest return (think messaging, marketing strategy, sales system, or team)

                Before the call ends, we’ll decide together what resources would support you after the Intensive.

That may be a project plan, templates or swipes for copy or processes, a training for your team, or 1:1 support.

Best part: whatever we create together you can rinse and reuse what we create for launches to come!

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High-Touch 1:1 Launch Management

Skip the DIY and get 1:1 guidance on your launch strategy and execution management with me and one of my personally trained Launch Managers.

We’ll be with you every step of the way through your launch with weekly check-ins from pre-launch to post.

Whether you are launching a group program or a digital course, a podcast or a blog, live or evergreen…
we got you!

Currently Booking
Please request to chat at least 3 months prior to your desired launch date

“She showed impeccable leadership with our team – always finding the perfect solutions to whatever bridges we needed to cross. Being a VA (virtual assistant) Lara mentored me into becoming an empowered member of the team. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her brilliance, knowledge, and her loving energy! Watching Lara manage our launches with such precision and grace has been inspiring. “What would Lara do,” is my go to motto now. I’m grateful for everything Lara has showed me over the past year. It’s truly been an honor working beside such an amazing leader, launch manager, and overall GOOD person.”

Ashley Spencer, Virtual Assistant

Lara is the best there is. She will take your idea, break it down into tangible action items, hold you accountable every step of the way till you hit your goal.”

Irene M, Launch & Tech Manager

She / Her

Launch + Systems Strategist

My team + I help conscious leaders in the coaching space craft customized and profitable launch strategies and execution plans that generate expansion and abundance for enrollment cycles to come.

I consider launches a microcosm of your business.

Not only are they a powerful channel for income and impact into your business, they are an incredibly insightful guide in how to help your business run more effectively and efficiently in all other areas.

But when you’re barely hanging on through your live launches, it can feel impossible to leverage them for anything more than just making sales during that cycle.

By looking at what’s already working and what’s not (in both your business and your launches), together we can figure out the best pathway forward to an abundant + profitable launch.


Lara is by far the most talented project/launch manager I have ever worked with. Not only is she always thinking two steps ahead, she also knows how to handle challenging situations with grace and ease. Lara brings years of experience and a brilliant strategic mind to every launch. If you have an opportunity to work with Lara on your next project, do it. You’ll be in great hands!”

Kristina Shands, Launch Copywriter for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

“Quite frankly she’s brilliant in how she approaches solving problems in your business to get the results, whether it is income, client enrollment, products, she often sees the things you can’t see.”

Corrina Steward, Soul Wealth Coach

Leaders who launch know that launch success goes beyond
how to get clients to the cart.

It is a complete process that spans leadership growth, systems ease,
and team development within each organization.

Uplevel Your

Learn how to assess what is actually working in your launches so you know which high impact activities you, as CEO, get to focus on.

Your Systems

Assess where the leaks are in time, money, and energy, and how to use that knowledge to build efficiency not only in your launches, but in your business.

Your Team

Discover how to build and lead a team of leaders that are just as passionate about growing your impact + legacy as you are.

“When she comes into those teams, she is transforming the environment, putting systems in places, getting people on task and on track and getting the team working optimally.

For me as a team member, I feel like I can truly stay in my zone of genius.

I highly recommend working with her in whatever capacity she is offering.”

Hollie Tkac, Copywriter for Coaches

“Lara is quite simply the best, and you need to hire her, NOW!

She’s a true expert when it comes to systems, to project planning, and to knowing how to empower our team as well.”

Molly Marie Keyser, Profitable Courses CEO

1 – Book a Time To Chat

Using the ‘Book A Chat Here’ button below (keep scrolling), choose the best time that works with your schedule.

2 – Answer the questions in the intake form before your call is confirmed.

After you choose your time, you will be taken to an intake form.

Filling out the form takes about 2 minutes and will help us prepare to make the most of our time together.

3 – Show up on time for our call and let’s get to know each other better.

On our call we’ll chat about what’s been working and not working in your business, what your goals are, and we’ll share the different ways in which we support our clients.

4 – After we’ve chatted…

If you’re an absolute go on one of our solutions, we’ll discuss next steps for partnering together.

If you need some time to think about it, we’ll send you an email recap of our recommendations and leave it in your capable heart and hands to decide if one of the options we present will support you.

No high pressure sales here. I want both of us to be an absolute “yes!”
to partnering together.

“Just do it. Lara rocks and she delivers.”

Chelsea Scomak, Lifestyle Financial Planner

Lara is an amazing asset, and there is honestly no one else that will make you feel more supported in the back end of your business!”

Emily Hirsh, CEO Hirsh Marketing

Lara has been an endless source of support and has allowed me to step into my role as CEO in my business. Now I have the time and energy to focus on what I truly love, and my company is able to provide a higher level of support to our clients!”

Nicole Jackson Miller, Host of Scale Your Way Podcast

“With her incredible organizational skills and remarkable attention to detail, I never have to worry that Lara will let things fall through the cracks. Regardless of the task, I can always count on her to be responsive and supportive.

Lara is a creative problem solver, a true partner, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Hire her now!

Amy Bradbury, Empowered Profit CEO