So you have built this opt-in page but you find that for some reason it is not converting as well as you hoped it would.

First off, you want to make sure the four basic elements that make up an opt-in or landing page are all there and doing what they should. These four elements are:

Your offer–  which you want to make sure solves a problem for your ideal client and creates a quick win or an aha moment.

Your headline– which you want to be as results-driven and as specific as you can make it. 

Your input fields– the fewer input fields, the better. The less information they have to type in, the more likely they will be to opt-in.

Your call to action or button– which you want to make stand out and not say ‘subscribe’ or ‘sign up’  but says something that is either action-based or expresses immediate gratification.

I delve a lot deeper into the 4 elements that make up an awesome opt-in page (plus examples) here.

Also, consider split testing as sometimes your page would require tweaks before you finally get it right.

After you have done all the above, here are seven more updates you can include to help your page convert better.

  1. Privacy policy: This is really non-negotiable.  I see so many opt-in pages without privacy policies on them.  If you are going to be marketing yourself using a website or landing page, then you should absolutely get a privacy policy. Not only is it required in some states, but it also makes your page visitors feel more secure giving you their personal details.

    I usually put mine in the footer. Some people put theirs right below the button. I also always have mine open to another page so that the visitor that clicks it does not get redirected out of the landing page and then have to go back.

    Getting a privacy policy is easy. There are lots of legal coaches and attorneys who will have bundles for online templates which would usually contain a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and so on. Or you can simply run a google search and come across sites like Rocket Lawyer. I strongly advise that for anything legal, you get an attorney to support you. 

  1. Countdown timer– I love countdown timers! They are especially effective the closer you get to the time of something (like a training) happening. It creates a sense of urgency in people. Psychologically speaking, people don’t like missing out on things. So adding a countdown timer is really effective in improving conversions.

    However, the effectiveness of countdown timers is heavily dependent on your type of offer. For instance, If you have a download that is always available then the countdown timer is not going to be effective. But if you are running, say a masterclass that is on a particular date, then a countdown timer can make a huge difference in your conversions. They are even more effective the closer you get to the date.

    It is said that a countdown timer that displays a timing of 72 hours or less is a real catalyst to that sense of urgency. But if your event is in say, two months and your countdown timer shows 60 days, it is unlikely that people would want to take action immediately

    I like to put countdown timers in a floating bar at the top of the opt-in page but having it in-line on your page is just as effective, especially for webinars (including evergreen ones) or masterclasses. 

  1. Social proof or testimonials:  Consider adding to your opt-in page something that positions your authority. These would be in the form of social proof or testimonials. Unless you are a household name like Marie Forleo or Gabby Bernstein, visitors to your opt-in page will want proof that they are going to get results from consuming your free content. And there’s almost no better proof than the positive feedback or testimonials you have received from your clients. Testimonials are really powerful at getting people to convert because they have seen that other people have gotten results with you.
  2. An ‘As featured on’ or ‘As seen on’ section or graphic–  If you have been published anywhere, been featured at a well-known summit or you have your own podcast- anything that up levels your authority or your expertise, consider adding it to your opt-in page. You can simply use the logos or icons of the platform or organization you have been published or featured in or your own podcast logo.
  3. Bio: You may not have testimonials yet, perhaps because you are just starting out. Or you may not have been featured anywhere because you have not gotten yourself out in the media yet. One thing you can do is include a bio. The bio should tell people your background and any credentials and/or accomplishments you have. A bio can be just as effective because it gives your page visitor an idea of who you are and why they can consider you an expert, as opposed to anybody else that they find on the internet.
  4. Video: Adding video to your opt-in page helps you create a personal connection to the person visiting your page. You can really dial into that person and start to build a relationship with them( that know- like- trust factor). They can see your face; they can hear your voice- use that to sell them on the result they are going to get when they opt-in to receive the deliverable you have provided for them.
  5. Mobile optimization: Remember that the majority of people visiting your page are going to be on mobile phones. And there’s nothing more frustrating for a funnel builder (and anyone for that matter) than going to a mobile site and seeing the words not formatted properly (like having half a word on a different line, for instance), thereby totally destroying the flow of the page. 

Be sure to prioritize mobile optimization on your page first and then fit the desktop optimization around that. The last thing you want is for a potential lead to access your opt-in page on their phone and then have difficulty scrolling through or reading the words easily. They will likely leave the page.

Remember I advised on having everything of importance above the fold? Bear this in mind too when optimizing for mobile and even desktop, so people do not have to scroll to take action.

Congratulations! You now have all you need to improve conversions on your opt-in page. Next, you have to nurture and stay connected to your leads so that when you are ready to sell to them, they will be ready to buy. 

Your leads will feel like they are being sold and will not want to buy anything from you if they get on your list and never hear from you again. That is why I created this next phase of training: 3 Powerful Types of Email Marketing For Your Business I’m sure the title speaks for itself. You can check it out here!