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I’ll never forget the moment when I decided to abandon my almost decade long career as an accountant…

I’ll never forget the moment when I finally decided to abandon my almost decade long career as an accountant…

I had pulled into the parking lot feeling sick to my stomach for yet another morning… anxiously debating whether I should park and trudge inside to my office with no windows… or keep on driving and NEVER go back.No really, it felt that dramatic.

See, I knew deep inside that the values leading the top level management of the company where I worked were
NOT the same values I held as an accountant or, as a person.

In fact, some of their values actually compromised my ethics and there were times those values
encroached  upon the work I was asked to do.

For a time, I rationalized staying there because I held true to what I was and was not willing to do,
and I was left alone to do my work as I wanted.

And my income was a large source of income for our household… Not to mention that I had worked
SO damn hard to start my career.

Shuffling my young daughter between 2 or more babysitters a day while rushing from one part time job to the other, on top of my college classes… 

Four long and exhausting years of proverbial blood, sweat and tears without a day off, all in hopes that I could stop working nights and weekends in a restaurant and actually work a 9-5 that would provide benefits and health insurance and finally let me spend enough quality time raising my daughter.

But now, after 8 years of working in what was once supposed to be my dream job, something inside of me broke.

I realized I still felt like shit in my job because even though I wasn’t personally doing anything there that violated my integrity, I was begrudgingly privy to the knowledge that somewhere in the company, it could still be happening.

Talk about a moral dilemma.

I started to think…

What kind of hardship will my family face should I decide to leave? Will my husband have to get a second job or will I have to go back to working in a restaurant, sacrificing time with my kids and a steady income to care for them, the very things I worked so hard to secure?

Was there even anything I could do to make a living that didn’t involve sacrificing my values? Or were the situations I faced there situations there working in a toxic environment what I would face everywhere?

Would I ever find work where I could make a comfortable living AND make a genuine difference in the lives of others? Or was that always going to be a tradeoff?

Was I about to throw away all of those years of hard work (not to mention the money I invested in my education) and step into the complete unknown of
what I should next?

Deep questions, I know. But I know you’ve had your own moments of introspection when something you worked so fucking hard for, or that you were groomed to think would make you successful and happy,
  turned out to be unfulfilling and left you wondering where to go from there.

My decision to leave my accounting position led me to venture hesitantly into the online business world.

I had a friend doing virtual assistant work, and I thought I could do the same… it would allow me to stay home, avoid putting my kids back in daycare, and ensure I could contribute at least a little something to my household’s finances.

From those early days 5 years ago of figuring everything out as I went along, things evolved quickly.

I went from working with a wide range of business niches, taking whatever jobs I could get just to learn… to working with powerhouse entrepreneurial women, on the edge of transformational work that changes the world.

Today I can look back at that scary moment when I left my accounting career with gratitude, because that leap of faith I took set me on a trajectory that now allows me to do work in the world that I truly believe in,
fully in alignment with my values.

Hi! I’m Lara.

Hi! I’m Lara. Through expert project management, team development, and scalable systems, I help my clients fully embody their role as a passionate CEO and rise to the next level of business and revenue
with more ease. 


I support high-performing, service-driven female entrepreneurs to go from overwhelmed and stuck in inaction
to focused and on fire, creating consistent forward momentum and accelerating their business results.

Does this sound like you?

If so, I’d love to help! ACTIVATE & INTEGRATE is my signature 3 month program designed to create a
bridge between the high level business strategies you are learning in coaching programs and masterminds
and the actual tactics, systems and structures you can use to implement them to get stellar results in your business.  
Creating these foundations will allow more people to experience transformation through your work and in turn,
your bottom line will grow.

Here’s what we focus on…


Consistent & Effective Goal Planning & Metrics Tracking


Project Planning
& Team Development


Streamlined Systems
& Processes


Me & My Stats

As it relates to you…

Are you a nerd for Myers-Briggs? Me too!

​ISFJ-T right here. What does this mean to you?

ISFJ’s are driven to success (and not just our own success) – we thrive in a team setting and are loyal AF team members. Consider me your digital quarterback or team captain or pinch hitter,
or whatevah – just insert your favorite cliche sports term…

We’re always looking to improve our skills and are passionate about putting those skills into service for others,
always going above and beyond in everything that we do. We just can’t help it…
Seriously, ladies – I can’t help this awesomeness. It’s innate.

And the Kolbe A Index? (Don’t worry if you don’t know what this is, but it’s totally pertinent, so read on).

I’m a 7 – 8 – 2 – 3. What does this mean to you?

We’re high fact-finders and follow-through always,
which means that my modus operandi is to strategize and systematize.

We have the ability to break down ideas into digestible pieces and prioritize so that projects are managed efficiently.

I am adept at creating new systems, but also know when it makes the most sense to keep systems the same.
I pinky swear to NOT reinvent the wheel and create busywork.

Lastly, we have Human Design… a bit woo-woo, but totally spot on.

I’m a Projector. What does this mean to you?

We possess the gift of being able to master systems
(I’ll save you the time of rattling off all of the systems I’ve mastered in the past five years, but it’s a lot).

Our internal drive is abnormally high and we have a built-in formula for success
(combine this with my ISFJ profile – and that means I have a built-in formula for making you successful too!)


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