Today I’m sharing one of the most common launch pitfalls and what to do instead.  I may be one of the few of us out here that are proud enough to say – I LOVE live launching! And when I hear people say that they hate it, or they can’t wait to not have to launch anymore… I know they just haven’t yet cracked the code on how to launch in a way that gets
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The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Onboarding Meeting Template Every new client you onboard into your virtual assistant business is exciting! It’s another opportunity to have a positive impact on someone’s business. And for that impact to ripple out to the work that they’re doing in the world too! Most clients who are hiring a virtual assistant need support with delegation, organization, and execution. They’re often not process-oriented people and won’t always have a solid onboarding process
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raise your rates virtual assistant
When you first launch your virtual assistant business, sometimes you take what clients and pay you can get! The more virtual assistant work you do, your skill set expands, and your confidence grows. But often, what you charge as a virtual assistant doesn’t increase with them! This post is all about virtual assistant business ideas that will allow you to raise your rates by becoming a specialist. Want a quick snapshot of what a day
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Higher Show Up Rates = More Sales First of all, why is increasing your show up rates on your virtual training (whether you are hosting a webinar, a workshop, a masterclass, or challenge) important? Since leading online launches starting in 2016, regardless of what type of live event is being hosted, a certain pattern emerged; the higher the show up rate, the more sales made. It’s not that people that register for your virtual event
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What’s the secret behind truly successful launches? From someone who’s been helping coaches lead launches of their online programs, digital courses, memberships, podcasts, websites, and more for the past 8 years… Regardless of what was being launched, the launches that saw the most success happened for clients who focused just as much effort on their marketing in between launches as they did during their launch. Clients who were: Consistently visible. Consistently nurturing and providing value.
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