Higher Show Up Rates = More Sales

First of all, why is increasing your show up rates on your virtual training (whether you are hosting a webinar, a workshop, a masterclass, or challenge) important?

Since leading online launches starting in 2016, regardless of what type of live event is being hosted, a certain pattern emerged; the higher the show up rate, the more sales made.

It’s not that people that register for your virtual event and don’t show up live WON’T buy, but the rate at which people purchase is consistently higher if they do show up live.

So, how do we improve our show up rates on live virtual trainings?

1. Value Positioning:

People have a lot of demands on their attention. With the ease of registering for virtual events, it’s just as easy for people to forget what they signed up for and why it was important for them. So from every step of the virtual event customer journey, it’s important for you to convey the value of the training, and not just what they’re going to learn or implement, but the value of what they’re going to learn. Why is it important? How is it going to benefit them? What result is it going to help them to achieve? This messaging should be infused into the promotional assets (i.e. the emails, social posts, reels), the funnel (i.e. your optin page, thank you page, and autoresponder), the reminders, as well as any follow up communications driving traffic to the replay.

2. Nurture / Reminder Emails:

Depending on how long your promotional period is, you’ll want to consider how many touchpoints you want to incorporate between when people sign up, and the actual live date of the training. If you have a longer promotional period, sending an initial autoresponder and then no other communication until a reminder or two the day before or morning of likely will not suffice. Keep the event top of mind (and get them excited about the training) by not just sending your standard ‘3 days until the training!’ communications, but by nurturing their curiosity and desire around the topic of the training.

3. SMS or Many Chat Reminders:

Incorporating SMS or Many Chat reminders can help boost your show up rate significantly. These are especially effective the day before or morning / hour before the training. It can take a little extra effort in the back end to set these up but my clients have consistently increased their show up rates when implementing another form of reminders in addition to email. For SMS reminders, you’ll want to invest in a texting platform like Simple Texting, and set up an integration between either your funnel platform or your email marketing system so that new leads into the training are automatically added to the texting platform and receive text reminders (you can even set up a text autoresponder!) Many Chat reminders are also effective and with both SMS and Many Chat, not only can you leverage the platforms to improve your show up rates, but it provides another avenue of communication AFTER the training as you segment your leads and identify your hottest prospects.

4. Promote a Giveaway for Showing Up Live:

Another way to increase your show up rate is to promote a giveaway for those that show up live. Now, you could position this as one giveaway that you ‘raffle’ off among those that show up live, or it can be something you gift to everyone that shows up live.

1:1 access gifts are great for singular giveaways (think 1:1 readings, clarity calls, audits, etc).

And things like a workbook or complementary resource or product work well for a ‘group’ gift.

Most hosts that promote a giveaway offer it at the end of the training (so it not only helps boost their show up rate, but their training retention rate as well).

Make sure though that you actually promote the giveaway in the funnel, nurture, and reminders. If people don’t know about the giveaway, it’s not going to have the desired effect of boosting your show up.

5. Don’t Offer a Replay.

Remember above when I mentioned people have a lot of demands on their attention? It’s easy to sign up for a free training and then get sidetracked by life and either forget to show up, or prioritize something else ahead of the training.

6. Charge for the Training.

My clients have dramatically improved their show up rate by charging for trainings. Typically the lower the price, the less positive impact it will have on the show up rate. But even low ticket amounts can be beneficial not just in improving your show up rate, but also in:

  • Generating revenue. This is helpful in making a campaign self-liquidating (for instance if you are running ads, the revenue you generate from charging for your event will cover the acquisition costs) or increasing the profit the campaign produces.
  • Identifying buyers. Once someone buys from you once, they are more likely to buy from you again. So even if you’re charging low ticket for your training, it helps you to identify buyers on whom you can then invest more time and energy in nurturing to support them with other offers like cross-sells or upsells.