I took part in a mastermind recently and one of the highlights for me was the exploration into this concept and principle of ‘less is more’. It reminded me of an experience I had working with a former client and how applying this concept in her business helped her scale to multiple seven figures.

I first started working with her as a tech VA and during our time together transitioned into multiple roles, including project management. No doubt she had a successful business but with an avalanche of products.

I remember she kept an Excel spreadsheet containing rows and rows of products (she was quite organized). The result of this? A customer support inbox that was practically bursting at the seams with requests.

A short time after I came on her team, she actually started a high-level coaching program with one of the most sought-after marketing strategists in the online space. And the guidance she received from this coaching program was to ditch the multiple products she was selling and focus on one main product. 

She followed the coaching advice she was given and built an offer for one single high ticket product. She then reverse-engineered the funnel for that product all the way through to her opt-ins/lead magnets. What that allowed her and the team to do was really zero in focus on the success of that funnel and customer journey.

Starting at the very front of the funnel, right through each stage of the funnel, we were able to test and track what was and wasn’t working and tweak as we went along.

In the end, ditching the many programs in favour of just the one resulted in her being able to scale to multiple seven figures and help people in a more impactful way in the process.

The great thing about this concept of less is more is that it can be applied to other areas of your business, including your messaging, team and systems. When you simplify,  streamline and focus, you really don’t miss out as one may fear.

Instead, you let go of all of the non-essential things and by doing so, make room for those core things that matter to your business. It’s like putting 150% effort in one thing instead of little percentages shared in multiple little places. You might find that you’re able to accomplish things with fewer resources, team members and systems, less time but make more money.

It is easy to think ‘more products = more money’. You may know of companies with lots of product offers that seem to be managing just fine. What most people fail to see is that those companies likely have a marketing team managing each product line or each launch. That’s usually not the case with most small businesses like a coaching business, for instance.

As a coach and small business owner,  I highly recommend narrowing down to one product, one funnel with one customer journey… to start. And then once you start to optimize that, and scale it, it will create more money for you to invest in launching new products and services. It might surprise you to find that honing down and focusing on that one thing will actually help you to scale more quickly and make your business more profitable.