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Love Notes – WP


She is 100% invested in the success of your business and the results you want. She supported my company in several 6 figure launches and many launches around prices that were low ticket and we always hit our goal.

She has a mind that is detail-oriented and systematic. When you give her the vision she knows how to get there from start to finish and all the details and steps in between.

And quite frankly she’s brilliant in how she approaches solving problems in your business to get the results, whether it is income, client enrollment, products, she often sees the things you can’t see.”


“When I hired Lara to support me and my clients, my business was approaching a massive uplevel and I was expanding to a team model.

Lara immediately stepped in to seamlessly execute and implement client projects, freeing me up to grow my business and hit six figures in my first year.

Whether she’s building funnels, helping to implement new marketing strategies, or overseeing the rest of my team, I have truly never met someone so efficient and thorough in their work.

Lara is an amazing asset, and there is honestly no one else that will make you feel more supported in the back end of your business!”

Working with her on the same team is transformative. In fact, I have referred her to many people which I think speaks for itself.

When she comes into those teams, she is transforming the environment, putting systems in places, getting people on task and on track and getting the team working optimally. For me as a team member, I feel like I can truly stay in my zone of genius.

I highly recommend working with her in whatever capacity she is offering.”


“Teaching adventurous females how to grow a successful six-figure business with today’s ever evolving technology, it’s an absolute necessity that I stay on the cutting edge of what’s hot in digital marketing. With Lara’s support, I’m able to achieve that.

Lara is quite simply the best, and you need to hire her, NOW!

She’s a true expert when it comes to systems, to project planning, and to knowing how to empower our team as well.”


Lara has been an endless source of support and has allowed me to step into my role as CEO in my business. Now I have the time and energy to focus on what I truly love, and my company is able to provide a higher level of support to our clients!”


“With her incredible organizational skills and remarkable attention to detail, I never have to worry that Lara will let things fall through the cracks. Regardless of the task, I can always count on her to be responsive and supportive.

Lara is a creative problem solver, a true partner, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Hire her now!


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