When you first launch your virtual assistant business, sometimes you take what clients and pay you can get!

The more virtual assistant work you do, your skill set expands, and your confidence grows.

But often, what you charge as a virtual assistant doesn’t increase with them!

This post is all about virtual assistant business ideas that will allow you to raise your rates by becoming a specialist.

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3 Easy Ways to Raise Your Virtual Assistant Rates

Now you may be thinking, if raising my virtual assistant rates was easy, I would have done it already!

The truth is, when you shift from being a “virtual assistant” to becoming a specialist, it does become easy to raise your rates. 

Because you are no longer considered a generalist. Instead, to your clients (and prospective clients) you are a specialist, and that makes all the difference!

Let’s break down 3 skills you can learn in your virtual assistant business to become a specialist and raise your rates!

Virtual Assistant Business Ideas

Tech Specialist

The most common tasks virtual assistants start off handling are administrative tasks like inbox management, customer service, and calendar management.

What we soon realize is that a lot of these administrative tasks require technical knowledge to support them.

Like when you’re handling customer service requests, and you have to pop into the CRM to check on someone’s contact record.

When you’re managing someone’s calendar, you’ve got to set up booking types and availability. And also troubleshoot when the calendar bookings are showing up the way they’re supposed to.

Naturally, as you gain more experience in administrative functions, your knowledge and experience in grows too!

Shifting your focus from administrative duties in your virtual assistant business to tech duties is a perfect way to create the foundation of becoming a Tech Specialist.

Virtual assistant tech specialists handle things like: 

  • Setting up email marketing campaigns or broadcasts
  • Creating automation between landing pages, email marketing campaigns, checkouts, and delivery
  • Integrating software so that all parts of a funnel connect smoothly and provide a quality customer experience

A lot of business owners are really good at what they do. But they’re either not really great at tech, or they don’t have the time to take care of the tech.

So having a skilled virtual assistant on their team that can take care of the tech for them is extremely valuable!! Which means clients are will to pay a premium rate for the time and energy you save them!

An effective way to raise your rates even further as a tech specialist is to niche down into a particular software, especially specialized software like a CRM like Ontraport or Keap.

Digital marketing

How do you gain skills to become a Tech Specialist? 

  1. Learn “on the job”. If there’s a particular process or software your client is using that you want to learn more about, take the initiative to ask if you can support them with it. This way you get to learn on the job and get paid while you’re learning.
  2. Take a software certification. A lot of software offers certification programs for their platform. This is the perfect way to learn the back end of the software well enough to call yourself a specialist, but it can also give both you and your clients confidence in your expertise!
  3. Learn on your own. In your downtime, sign up for free trials of software that interests you to learn, or pay for one month of service to play around in the platform yourself, seek out answers and solutions in their customer support docs, and watch YouTube how-to videos.

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Creative Specialist

If you’re someone who loves creative tasks, becoming a virtual assistant Creative Specialist may be perfect for you!!

An online business’s presence is enhanced by its creative assets.

Things like its website, social media feed, sales funnels, and even client deliverables.

And just like tech, online business owners seeking support from virtual assistants often don’t have the skill set, time, or energy to develop the creative assets that create a strong brand presence.

That’s where Creative Specialists come in!!

Creative Specialists handle things like: 

  • Creating written content like emails, blogs, and social media posts
  • Developing video content like YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and course content
  • Design graphics, landing pages, and content like PDF downloads, workbooks, and checklists

Virtual Assistant Services

In reality, you can offer a full suite of creative services as a Creative Specialist, or focus on one particular area like writing, video, or graphic design.

An effective way to raise your rates even further as a Creative Specialist is to focus on one area, get extremely skilled in it, and then layer in add-on services complementary to your main focus.

How do you gain skills to become a Creative Specialist? 

  1. Current client opportunities. All online businesses, and even brick and mortar businesses, now a days need an online presence and this is the perfect place to start stretching your creative muscles!!
  2. Take a class or gain a certification. Sites like Udemy offer a wealth of courses on creative skills. And software like Canva offer certifications! Whether it’s a training or a certification, you’ll expand your knowledge and your confidence!
  3. Practice in your own virtual assistant business. As a business owner yourself, you’ll need creative assets in your virtual assistant business just like your clients do! If you’re interested in niching down to blogging, start your own blog and learn it from the bottom up. Design more your thing? Play around with the web design of your website, your social media graphics, and other design elements in your business so that when it comes time to help your clients, you’ve already got experience and knowledge under your belt!

Launch Specialist

Especially in the coaching and course creation industries, Launch Specialists are in high demand!!

Whether it’s the launch of a new offer, or a promotional campaign for an existing offer, launches have a lot of moving parts!

And clients can easily get bogged down and overwhelmed trying to manage or create all the pieces of a launch on their own.

Altogether, providing Launch Specialist services are a way to provide an incredible service to your clients. And you can take your virtual assistant business to the next level too!

Launch Specialists may handle things like: 

  • Setting up sales funnels for virtual events
  • Developing copy and content for launch marketing campaigns
  • Providing valuable customer support services like webinar moderation, customer service, and client fulfillment

As a Launch Specialist you can provide a broad array of services as a one-stop-shop for their launch needs, or focus on a particular area of the launch like tech or creative.

You can provide even more value and raise your rates even further as a Launch Specialist when you learn the management or strategic side of launching and provide that as a service to your clients. 

Product launch management

How do you gain skills to become a Launch Specialist? 

  1. Learn the basics first. If you’re not sure exactly what you want your focus to be, take the opportunity to learn the basic functions of the business. This will help you understand where your passion and strengths lie. Then you can choose which area you can bring the most value.
  2. Deepen your learning. Look for opportunities in your clients’ businesses to stretch your skills and learn something new. If you’re client is launching, offer to support them with something new so that you can learn it while doing. Following other people’s launches is also a great way to see what they do and how they do it so that you can offer fresh ideas to your clients.
  3. Take a Launch Specialist Course or Certification. As with anything in your virtual assistant business, you don’t know what you don’t know. Learning on the job is a great way to strengthen your skills, and taking a launch specialist course or certification will speed up your learning, build your confidence, and allow you to raise your rates sooner when you start offering Launch Specialty as your premium service.

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Virtual Assistant Specialist Takeaways

Here is what I want to leave you with:

  1. Raising your rates as a virtual assistant can be easy when you provide a premium service.
  2. There are a wealth of premium services to provide, find the one you will enjoy!
  3. Learn as much as you can in all the ways available to you.

Choosing a specialty as a virtual assistant will allow you to raise your rates. But also allow you to find your passion, grow your expertise, and be seen as an expert in what you love to do!

And just because you choose a specialty, doesn’t mean you can’t offer anything else. It just gives you a way to become your client’s go-to person for that specialty.

So, which specialty calls to you most?!

This post was all about how to raise your rates in your virtual assistant business by becoming a specialist.