What’s the secret behind truly successful launches?

From someone who’s been helping coaches lead launches of their online programs, digital courses, memberships, podcasts, websites, and more for the past 8 years…

Regardless of what was being launched, the launches that saw the most success happened for clients who focused just as much effort on their marketing in between launches as they did during their launch.

Clients who were:

  • Consistently visible.
  • Consistently nurturing and providing value.
  • Consistently selling in between launches (yes, I said selling IN BETWEEN launches).
  • Consistently delivering a high value post-sale experience.

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of coaches who were consistent in these areas. And their results reflected it.

The problem was that as I led more and more successful launches…

my business grew by referrals, and a lot of clients started coming to me that were only doing one thing consistently, and that was launching.

And while they had experienced some success, it was short-lived. They were in a pattern of burning out themselves, their team, and their leads.

So even when I helped them develop a solid launch strategy that aligned with how they enjoyed showing up in their business, dialed in their launch systems for maximum efficiency, and helped manage their team through seamless implementation, they still wouldn’t get the results I knew they could achieve if they were consistent in their marketing outside of launching.

So naturally as someone who’s always keeping an eye out for opportunities to make things better, I began to poke my nose in everything they were doing outside of their launches.

We strategized on their plan for visibility.
Began regularly nurturing and providing value to their leads.
Created systems for their marketing and their sales to talk to and inform each other.
Optimized their fulfillment so their clients were a consideration in their marketing and sales cycles.

Supporting clients in this way is where I developed my expertise in Marketing Operations.

Just like Business Operations help to streamline and optimize the people, processes, and tools that keep your business running, Marketing Operations does the same for the people, processes, and tools that help you to market successfully, effectively, and efficiently.

Investing in Marketing Operations will help you:
📈Accelerate your marketing results and ROI through data driven decision-making
📈Increase customer and team retention and foster positive relationships by improving the experience you create for clients, contractors, and collaborators
📈Reduce wastes of money, time, and energy by getting the people, processes, and tools involved in your marketing all working in sync
📈Create consistent customer experiences and goodwill by through a maximized tech stack
📈Increase conversions by developing a fully optimized customer journey

So whether you’re live launching or selling into evergreen products and services, if you’ve got:
✔️Dialed in messaging that attracts to your ideal client,
✔️Validated offer you’ve been able to sell into consistently (despite any lack of consistency in your marketing)
✔️A team of 2-5 working the back end to make it all happen…
And you know you’re leaving money on the proverbial table because you don’t got:
✖️A consistent and proactive planning cadence for your marketing efforts,
✖️Processes in place that create efficiency and consistency for your clients, contractors, and collaborators,
✖️Ease and joy in the way you are marketing
✖️An understanding of your tech stack and whether it’s the best one to optimize your marketing results,
✖️Regular tracking and analysis of your marketing metrics and customer journey
✖️Marketing assets like brand, ideal client, and messaging guidelines to guide the contractors, agencies, and consultants you work with

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